Prepaid Solutions

We're Taking Prepaid Solutions to a Whole New Level

CardFlex offers our customers in growing industries and emerging markets with innovative prepaid solutions to help them more effectively conduct business. Our all-in-one PayCard will help your business streamline the distribution of payroll. Direct deposit 100% of employee pay and increase the loyalty of your workforce. We’re saving companies time and money every day and giving their employees the freedom to get instant and easy access to their money.

We’ve designed a new prepaid payment solution for the higher education industry that provides numerous financial benefits for institutions, local businesses, and students alike. We’ve even developed an innovative prepaid card solution to revolutionize the way companies in the hospitality industry pay employee wages and tips.

Take a closer look at our prepaid solutions and see what a difference CardFlex can make in your business. Call 866-634-3044 or email to get started today.